Humanity Court is a free spiritual court system where Humanity Judges overturn inhumane, fraudulent, unjust acts, judgments or manipulations caused by any system, organisation or person. The purpose is to validate the impact and reverse the psychological and spiritual damage.  

Forensic Healing is an essential life tool. Everything begins with energy – just ask Einstein. When you change your energy, you change your outcomes. Forensic healing not only addresses your own issues, it gives you the tools to assist your children, friends, animals, environments, businesses, or anyone who needs help.

Heal Your Past Experiences

Your current state of health and happiness is the direct result of your past experiences and past lives stored in your cells, DNA, and energy fields. Just as you are what you eat, you are what you experience in life.

Remove Energy Imbalances

The build-up of major stress, trauma or abuse will cause dysfunctions. Your body responds to energy imbalances through pain, stress, anxiety, grief, tiredness, fear, hurt, low self-worth, relationship problems. The list could go on. These are signs you have ignored your physical needs and compromised your feelings and instincts.

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