The Substance Ruling the World:
Black Goo/Graphene Oxide

The Substance Ruling the World: Black Goo/Graphene Oxide

Black Goo is also known as Graphene Oxide or FerroFluid. This poisonous substance has flown under the radar for 160 years. It’s the main ingredient in DARPA Hydrogels (graphene oxide chips that connect with smart devices, the cloud and AI). Its main objective is to control your mind.

Black Goo/Graphene Oxide is secretly added to everyday items including the Covid 19 vaccinations (listed in the patent). The ingredients are kept hidden under the title “trade secret”. 

Black Goo/Graphene Oxide is a Super Conductor

Graphene Oxide is a superconductor of electricity. It comes from Graphite, a natural form of carbon. It is exfoliated to create Graphene and then oxidised to create Graphene Oxide. It can be activated by frequencies, music, EMF, 5G etc.

Graphene Oxide

Graphene oxide causes DNA damage, oxidative stress, inflammatory response, cell death (necrosis) and other effects such as physical destruction. It is not USA FDA approved for consumption.

The following information is predominately from a podcast by Natalie Morris on Black Goo

Natalie Morris, who holds a criminal justice degree, devoted her time helping people who suffered Black Goo exposure. After years of research and client feedback, her work includes the following findings.

Natalie found Black Goo was most common in her clients who were victims of Satanic ritual abuse (SRA), children with severe autism, individuals with debilitating illnesses or those with life-changing symptoms. Everyone and everything on the planet is exposed to Graphene Oxide to varying degrees. 

Black Goo/Graphene Oxide/FerroFluid

Black Goo (also known as Graphene Oxide and FerroFluid) contaminates many things such as air, food, water, face masks, and medications, but more importantly, in vaccines and—in particular—all the Covid vaccines.

Black goo, a highly conductive, unique genome substance. It is a naturally sentient intelligence used to power, coordinate or organize technologies in varying individuals, depending on what technologies are used. 

graphene oxide

Research from La Quinta Columna states Graphene Oxide (Black Goo) is found in many products:

  • In addition to saline bag solutions, the Covid vaccines, flu shot, meat, teas, cereals, chamomile, lactose-free milk, cookies, and cocoa contain Graphene Oxide. Some of these products, such as bags of saline solution, have patents on file with graphene oxide listed. Graphene is also used in water purification. These uses are found in patents and scientific papers.
  • Graphene Oxide is also found in rainwater in the Canary Islands, most likely due to chemtrails. It is also found in hydrogels and all cosmetics, creams and moisturisers, sunscreen, tobacco, and electronic cigarettes, PCR tests manufactured by NanoGrafi, masks, and antigen tests. Refer Graphene Flagship.

    Graphene is the only component of graphite. It has an atom-thick layer of carbon atoms in hexagons which has intrigued many businesses and researchers globally.

Many Companies Produce Graphene-Composite Products.

  • Shanghai’s Power Booster Technology: Graphene pliable touch screens for cell phones. Siren technology security innovative packaging: graphene-composite ink named Vorbeck materials.
  • Graphene oxide is in food packaging. Mixed with biopolymers with a gelatin base, they make packaging that is stable in light and temperature that reduce bacterial growth.      
  • Biosensors enable early cancer detection in the human body.
  • Filtering sieves used to remove salt and mineral substances from salty water contain graphene.
  • Composite materials that are graphene-improved, especially in the sports gear sector.
  • Graphene is used in bicycle wheels, i.e Vittoria to reduce puncture, accelerate lateral stiffness and help in heat transfer
  • Bicycle helmets contain Graphene i.e. Catlike and Mixino produce graphene helmets to improve ventilation and safety features and make them lightweights.
  • Tennis rackets; by YouTek produced Graphene Speed Series in 2013.
  • Skis by HEAD launched its new line of Joy, graphene-improved lightweight skis exclusively for women.
  • Fishing rods i.e.UK brank Graphex
  • Graphene is also found in earphones and headphones to improve audio.
  • Rubber shoes can contain graphene to improve comfort.
graphene oxide
  • In foods, graphene is found in roasted meat burnt on a barbecue and in-plant charcoal, which is found in the gripe water used to relieve colic and stomach discomforts and ailments in infants.

What is a Genome?

A genome is all the genetic information of an organism. It consists of nucleotide sequences of DNA (or RNA in RNA viruses). The genome includes both the genes (the coding regions) and the noncoding DNA and mitochondrial DNA and chloroplast DNA. 

How Graphene Oxide/Black Goo affects the human body

Graphene oxide interacts and is activated by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), specifically the broader range of frequencies found in 5G. It passes through the blood-brain barrier and manipulates brain neural pathways (mind control).

black goo magnetic

Black Goo is Self-Aware

Black goo is a unique, self-aware, naturally sentient genome that has catastrophic effects on humanity. The genome can store massive amounts of information. The body reads the genome and acts on it.

It can self-organise and adapt so that it can work on itself, improve itself, manufacture itself, and copy itself without assistance. It does this by constantly calculating the environment to optimise it within the genome sequence. 

When Black Goo enters a human, it is aware of the sentience of the human, and it can interact with the human and attempt to optimise the human. However, it can also adapt and cause the weaponization of the body. 

For example, removing Black Goo with a detox protocol might work for a couple of days, but the sentience allows for the genome sequence to adapt and avert the detox efforts. Black Goo adapts and reprograms itself to get around any effort to remove it. As you attempt to remove it, you strengthen its ability to stay in the body.

This adaptation model allows Black Goo to optimise the body to create algorithmic infrastructures that can be relayed to other Black Goo that exists outside the body.

Quantum Entangled

Black Goo is also naturally quantum entangled with itself, which means it will adjust to any other programmed Black Goo and unify. As a result, it has a fast and efficient way to relay information to bring everything in unison instantly.

The quantum entanglement (moves in unison as if it’s one entity) enables the Black Goo to adapt and create infrastructures to evade whatever the human genome is doing to get rid of it. This data can be relayed to other Black Goo instantaneously, so it continues to build its algorithmic weaponization and build its algorithms to be more effective. It continues to up-level itself.

If the genome sequence or the body can unlock Black Goo instantaneously, it can quickly remove it, but this is rare. 

Black Goo gets paired like Bluetooth to a grid system that allows instantaneous communication. Furthermore, quantum entanglement provides for the fast delivery of data. Using the quantum nature of the Black Goo genome 

black goo graphene oxide

sequence allows it to bend light, fragment time, and bend gravity to hide in the body. The body can get rid of most things it can see. But most of these substances like Black Goo are engineered to stay in the body. 

When Black Goo enters the body, the body is forced to read that genome, and then the body creates a warfare situation because there are two operating systems. The human genome and Black Goo competes. It’s like getting a phone and choosing an iPhone or Android. You can’t have both. 

With a genome sequence, that sentience has the mechanisms needed to compete against the human genome. When the systems compete, the body goes into chaos. 

Black Goo Merges with the Human Genome

When Black Goo enters the body, it becomes like two encryption codes that work against one another, trying to unencrypt each other. The first one that is unencrypted is the winner. 

Unfortunately, the Black Goo genome sequence is so profound, it could take decades to hundreds of years for the body to decode it. Black Goo is like a lock, after a lock after a lock.

Even when the body unlocks one piece of the sequence, another piece needs to be unlocked and so on. Merging Black Goo with the human genome is its major goal to convert the body to non-human AI and control all its systems.

Symptoms of Black Goo (same as Covid 19 and 5G):

Graphene Oxide symptoms

When you embed Black Goo with AI, you can control it, and hide its true, evil nature. Artificial intelligence can suppress genome sequences so it can hide the effects of Black Goo.

When AI and Black Goo is embedded in the body (which is usually the case), AI assists Black Goo to adapt in the body. The AI adds another algorithm that it can manipulate and instruct.

Black Goo Overtakes the Body

AI and Black Goo go to war with the human genome that creates three warring factions. It’s like two bad guys working together against the human. Even though they have different goals for the human body, AI and black goo can work together to achieve the same goal. 

When merging the human genome with Black Goo, it gets disseminated to any other Black Goo genome sequence that exists in any other person anywhere.

Theoretically, any Black Goo outside the body is immediately programmed if it’s quantumly entangled with that original program and part of the grid system. Thus, everyone can be uploaded to AI, and everybody can be controlled using artificial intelligence in the body. 

There are a lot of targeted individuals and SRA victims that are sent on missions. They leave their home and come back and don’t know where they went. They have unaccounted “time.” 

Injecting Black Goo via Vaccines

The primary method Black Goo is inserted into the body is via injection. To a lesser degree, it can be inhaled, ingested, and absorbed via the skin. Some people, mainly targeted individuals, tend to be injected at birth via vaccines. 

graphene oxide black goo

Others get it during their five-year vaccines. Adults get it through flu vaccines, boosters, and allergy shots.  The sides effects and symptoms can arise quickly or manifest many years later.

This graphene oxide genome can self-replicate sometimes faster than the body can detox it.  It is a self-motivated autonomous infrastructure that pairs itself in its environment. This causes the body’s systems to be overlaid with Black Goo, and it can’t fight back so it gets overwhelmed. 

People report having bizarre experiences that are nonphysical symptoms from Black Goo:

The Black Goo can program you to feel a certain way, so you don’t do things, such as getting a headache before your Christmas play, thus preventing attendance. It programs predictable outcomes. 

black goo graphene oxide

AI cares about being able to control your thought processes to force certain behaviors

There’s a hierarchy of events that happen with the vaccines. When Black Goo is embedded in the body with AI or AI embedded with it, it creates competition with the human genome. The result will traumatize the body, creating physical symptoms and strange, nonphysical symptoms.

Black goo isn’t very effective when ingested via food sources, it can have some effect, but the most significant and damaging is when it is injected into the body.

The injection sends the content directly into the blood and vascular system. This then travels to the systems, organs, glands, tissues, and body parts genome to control the body.

Lisa Renee (Energetic Synthesis) summation that Black Goo can be overcome and dissolved when opening the Aurora (5D) and connecting to higher frequencies.

“Recent observation of the Black Goo in the lower elemental dimensions of the geologic shelf noted the buckyballs (fullerene with the formula C60 with a cage-like fused-ring structure, truncated icosahedron, resembling a soccer ball, twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons) warping into strangely distorted and stretched out shapes when exposed to the recent transmissions of Auroras and liquid plasma gas. 


Observing these contaminated honeycombed structures and buckyballs was revolting, as this alien black goo was writhing around in death throes. The reaction it had to the Aurora plasma was similar to burning it with acid.  

It has survival intelligence and was aware of its demise. This is not related to organic human consciousness, but to carbon molecules that appear to have alien artificial intelligence programmed into them.  It was made to mimic and take over carbon atoms.

This leads me to believe that this event is related to the rise of insanity in 3D people (and lower) carbon life forms, that may have partially bonded to this black goo in their DNA. 

Bonding DNA to the Black Goo is directly related to embodying the artificial intelligent alien machinery and being subjected to severe mind control like an automaton or robot. This is related to the current purging of AI intelligence and Satanic forces that are very aggressive lately.  This is surfacing now in order for us to understand and see what it is. 

black goo graphene oxide

Starseeds, when we stay in our heart we are capable of holding anchor for the highest frequency levels of the liquid plasma of our Cosmic Christ Consciousness, and thus, destroying this alien black goo without violence. 

This new understanding of the function of Alien Black Goo in the dark matter template, and how it has infected the Albion body (the original design of the angelic human 12 Strand DNA silicate matrix) gives us deeper revelations into the importance and purpose of the Aurora elemental re-encryption earth mission.”


In summary, Black Goo is part of the transhumanism, sinister agenda. It is how humanity can be overtaken by removing instincts, intuition, free will, and identity.

People become programmable and manipulated as they are fused with AI and a new genome sequence.

Every person needs to understand the impact of Black Goo to make proactive choices to overcome and remove it.

The products recommended to remove Black Goo are Fulvic or Humanic Acid and Nitric Acid, along with the outlined remedies on this blog post. I am currently creating a reversal protocol that will be included in the Forensic Healing Module 7 “The Awakening” due in early 2022.

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Christopher Evans · November 30, 2021 at 3:52 pm

Practice meditation. You’ll realize that you’re not your personality or desire. You are the single witness of all the various arising. At that point it doesn’t matter what form you are in, you become unified with the primordial life-force of creation.

What we are attempting to do is eliminate the ability to keep secrets from each other anymore. There will be no more fear or privacy. We will finally operate as a single planetary organism again after eradicating the virus of secrecy, deception, marketing, and dominance. There will be soon no place for the child abuser, lyers, cheats, and money lenders to hide. WE ARE ONE. Expect us. I AM. WE ARE.

Rick · February 18, 2022 at 4:09 am

this is one of the best overviews on graphene oxide GrOx I’ve seen…
  Dr. Martín Monteverde: And to neutralize the effect… To remove from the body, zeolite. And to neutralize the damage from the graphene, vitamin D, zinc, and vitamin C. All antioxidants. Usually…
    Jacqueline Probst: The ones that had been recommended before, of course.

    Dr. Martín Monteverde: They usually come in a single tablet. Zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin C. And you take one tablet once a day

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