Deep State Damage

Join us on a truth journey that exposes and reverses the nefarious methods of the Deep State that causes physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and soul damage.

Our Mission

Most people are unaware of how their mind, body and soul have been siphoned and manipulated by the global elite systems. These mind-control systems cause disconnection and blind obedience that entangles humanity on a corrupt, false matrix.

The Cabal/Deep State weave such an intricate web of lies and deceit mingled with truths, it’s difficult to see the wood for the trees. Their corrupt systems keep the masses living in fear and survival mode, so they never awaken to how they consent to their demise. is committed to the education and reversal of the spiritual methods, damage and effects these corrupt systems cause humanity.  We have been played for centuries, and it’s time to find out how! The information is released in free weekly blogs, webinars and videos.

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what we are fighting against

They Want Your Soul

The most precious part of any being is their soul and life force. The soul is the only part that is eternal. When someone compromises or sells their soul, they disconnect from Source. To survive, they syphon and steal energy from other souls connected to the organic Source for their food supply.

They Want to Control You

From the day you are born, social and cult programming is enmeshed in every system and organisation you encounter to:

deep state and cabal damage

Break Free And Gain Your Sovereignty

“They’re (Deep State) a pretty tough crowd to deal with as they’re constantly imposing their imagery on us and casting their spells. They see themselves as wizards, warlocks, enchanters, and magicians…” Juan O’Savin; Author “Kid by the Side of the Road.”

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